Invited by bolwerK

Nepotists, opportunists, friends, freaks and strangers intersecting in the grey zone.

"This exhibition is a performance.
The format is narrative. Drama means action."

courtesy; Caroline VIncart

A strategy to edify
our role

Consolidation of potential relations in critical action with good intentions.

1 april - 2 may



Space, displaced
6 february

Towards a source/ network
7 february - 30 march

A strategy to edify our role
1 april - 2 may


2 april - 7 april Residentie Iuliana Varodi

6-10 april


2 ou 3 choses about the inhabitants of the grey zone
Lise Duclaux

8 - 9 april Installation Moving Through Secondhand Sources (P.S.)
Paul Hendrikse




  Open Call/ Stranges stories
Zorka Wollny
9 april Presentatie 19:00
11 - 16 april


19:00 - 21:00

17 april



  Open Call Utopian Unemployment Union
Factory of Found Clothes
20 - 22 april Interviews Balletdancers
26 - 27 april Interviews Unemployed
28-30 april Rehearsals Balletdancers & Unemployed


Fall 2010

  Open Call Hasselt Clapping Group
Audrey Cottin

2 mei




Iuliana Varodi

In the context of her artistic research on the relationship between I & Reality, hosted by the framework of APASS in Antwerp, Iuliana Varodi is continuing her nomadic artistic journey. She integrates deviation and intuition, approaching various situations by operating in the gray area between inside and outside. Alternating moments of interruptions with intervals for introspection, active participation with external reflection, she turns around herself and around a given context, in an attempt to melt the encountered prejudices in a colourless, plain, bland, invisible glue. Looking for a room in Antwerp, she will be landing in Hasselt for few days, with no specific plan.


Moving Through Secondhand Sources (P.S.)
Paul Hendrikse

Moving Through Secondhand Sources (P.S.) consists of several elements that were constructed as props for the performance Moving Through Secondhand Sources that took place in Amsterdam in November last year. Constructed, I say, because these elements did not appear in the performance itself, but were made later as possible tools that might have been used. These tools are a detachment, a fantasised collection of things that might recall or evoke action after an event has taken place.


buis commun
courtesy: Lise Duclaux

Le vagabond, pour un monde sensible
Lise Duclaux

An attempt to inventory the ordinary and extraordinary grey zone inhabitants in collaboration with spectators, employés, gardeners, nepotists, opportunists, friends, freaks and strangers.

Six silhouettes against the backdrop of the collection,
dancing performance in the Museum of Art, Łódz 2009
Courtesy: Zorka Wollny

Stranges stories
Zorka Wollny

performance in a few episodes.


We are looking for nice people with good feeling of rhythm to take part in a performance.
The piece will be based on simple gestures referring to everyday life situations.
The performance will take place on the 17th of April.
Rehearsals will start a week before and we will be meeting in the evenings.

Organisation meeting - 9th of april at 19u. Everyone is invited.

Performance 17th of april / 17u

Zorka Wollny
b. 1980, Krakow.
Since 2004, Zorka Wollny has been producing live performances based on human movement and interaction in space, creating subtle physical compositions. She looks at borders between the self and a role, between the private and the artificial, moments of abandon and the moments when our behaviour is governed by social norms and customs.

courtesy; Factory of Found Clothes

Utopian Unemployment Union
Factory of Found Clothes

Dear friends !
Factory of Found Clothes invites you to take part in the performance Utopian Unemployment Union.

We are searching for ballet dancers and people who just lost their job and who are frustrated by that. We are going to introduce you our method: how can you use such a situation in order to construct your new state of mind. It is an experiment and adventure. We think that art can help peopl . Please welcome to be an other person, like you never have been before.

We think that art can overcome the awfull artificial alienation from each other .

We think losing a job potentionaly is revolutionary because you have a possibility for reinventing your identity and start a new live.

Warmest FFC / Gluklya and Tsaplya

Project consisists of 3 parts :
1) Taking interviews
2) Preperation for a performance/rehearsal
3) Realisation of the performance . ( novembe 2010)

The Factory of Found Clothes (Fabrika Nadyonii Odezhdii in Russian, or FNO for short) is Natalya Pershina-Yakimanskaya and Olga Egorova, respectively known as Gluklya and Tsaplya. Founded in 1995 in St Petersburg, FNO have used installation, performance, video, text and ’social research’ to develop an operational logic of ‘fragility’ as subjectivity antagonistic to that which is the state of things – be that the repressive social and political climate of Russia or the reflexive futilities of international art scenes.

Gent clapping group performance
Photo: Virginie Schreyen

Hasselt Clapping Group
Audrey Cottin

 ''because we feel local, vernacular - but the thing is that we are also very much vehiculaire,,,''

Dear potential clappers,  
I would like to invite you to a clapping experience... 

''the group composes volumes by clapping''
''the group is always reconstituted with specialists and not - to privilege enthusiasm'' 
''there is no level of expectation (actually each clapping performance is considered perfect).''



After Gent clapping group (BE), Toulouse clapping group (FR), Antwerpen clapping group (BE), Hasselt clapping Group (BE).

''Audrey Cottin, French artist, dispersing her multiple fascinations into kaleidoscopic journeys across gender, forms and protocols. She sees art practice as a way of finding her own voice, yet she knows that voice is multiple and only being heard in a process of becoming. Same applies to her relationship with media: traditional moulding, interactive performance, academic conceptualism are called invited into a space of question.'' 

R. Malasauskas