Invited by bolwerK

Nepotists, opportunists, friends, freaks and strangers intersecting in the grey zone.

"This exhibition is a performance.
The format is narrative. Drama means action."

courtesy; Caroline Vincart


Interception of the physical and mental borders
of the white cube.

6 february


Space, displaced
6 february

Towards a source/ network
7 february - 30 march

A strategy to edify our role
1 april -2 may


06/02/2010 - Hasselt

16:15, Stanlingradlaan 26, 538m from Brussel Zuid *

Cross the land - a procession by bus
PERFORMANCE by David Helbich

around 19:15, the bus arrives in Z33 (Hasselt)

19:30, vernissage

by Saskia Holmkvist

Cross meeting “now and me”
with Pepa Ivanova & Maria Lukova (violin)

Sorry, curator
VIDEO / Annette Hollywood

PERFORMANCE / Wannes Goetschalckx


Birdwatching Unfolded #2
by Erki De Vries & Benjamin Vandewalle

R+V = J
by Delphine Deguislage

don’t/ BE HUMAN a recounting exhibition
by radical_hope

24 Hours=>1 Meter
by Karl Philips


22:00, walk

22:30, Zaal België >> WORM >> Tuning People

00:00, bus leaves for Brussels




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Cross the land - a procession by bus
PERFORMANCE by David Helbich

30 places!
contact & info


Courtesy: Saskia Holmkvist

by Saskia Holmkvist

During the opening of “Nepotists, opportunists, freaks, friends and strangers,
intersecting in the grey zone.” a new performance by Saskia Holmkvist will
take place. Swedish artist Saskia Holmkvist is known for her poignant live and
video performances, in which she continuously examines what concepts such as
authenticity and credibility mean in different communication forms.


Courtesy: Pepa Ivanova

Cross meeting “now and me”
with Pepa Ivanova & Maria Lukova (violin)

Attempt for a 'Ritual of present' with personality forming elements, invoking the   experience of сблъсък с нещо забавно и неочаквано ('collision with  something fun and unexpected').  
We will tell a story about a reflected past into artistic present just by sounds  --  i приказки. И така... listen carefully, be present!

Sorry Curator 1 EN Sorry Curator 2
Courtesy: Annette Hollywood EN Courtesy: Annette Hollywood

Sorry, curator
VIDEO / Annette Hollywood

SORRY CURATOR is a hiphop battle between artist and curator, annette hollywood plays both parts in it: "Sorry curator, I never ment to hurt you, I never ment to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleaning out my concept."


Detail - I WAS HERE
Courtesy: Wannes Goetschalckx

PERFORMANCE by Wannes Goetschalckx

“I WAS HERE” is an ambiguous message.

On the one hand, the writer remains anonymous, on the other he wishes to document his temporary presence.

The title of the new work ‘I WAS HERE’ is the starting point, both in content and in form. The famous slogan is known worldwide and is considered to be one of the most earliest forms of graffiti. It shares with its contemporary form the feature that the only identifiable element in the traces left behind, is the handwriting. The words/signs themselves are secondary. There might also be a link with contemporary art here. The question is not ‘what’, but rather ‘how’ and ‘why’. Even though the message starts with ‘I’, the writer wishes to remain anonymous, giving the reader an ambiguous feeling. On the one hand the information is irrelevant, while on the other hand it places the context in a new perspective. These variable perspectives and the ambiguity of (not) (willing) to be seen belong to the research field of Wannes Goetschalckx.


Courtesy: Erki De Vries & Benjamin Vandewalle

Birdwatching Unfolded #2
by Erki De Vries & Benjamin Vandewalle

Visual artist Erki De Vries and choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle share a fascination for everything that has to do with perception. How we perceive the space around us and around our body is the point of departure of their installation performance Birdwatching, which premiered on October 23, 2009 at the Amperdans festival. For the duration of a couple of hours, these gentlemen observed a certain spot in the public space, discovering slow processes of change, which they would never have noticed otherwise.
With the series Birdwatching Unfolded they wish to develop and extend the principles of the research for their performance. Each time, certain elements are isolated and placed in a totally new situation and context.

Erki De Vries
Birdwatching Unfolded #2
Visual artist: Erki De Vries
Choreographer: Benjamin Vandewalle
Dancer: Unknown at present...


Courtesy: Delphine Deguislage

if you cross the line (R+V=J)
by Delphine Deguislage

Walk through the light... is yellow what you think it is ?


Detail – don’t / BE HUMAN. A Recounting Exhibition
Courtesy: radical_hope

don’t/ BE HUMAN a recounting exhibition
by radical_hope

Recounting Exhibitions are works that count on the artist and performer as much as on the visitor : 
Only through getting in social contact the image will be/come more than what you see on the wall. [Recounting Exhibitons are a deed of radical_hope. Appropriating the social role of a Native Indian leader, this persona follows a research on artistic attitude, act and  resonance, at A.PT / Antwerp, restudying how, from a performative point of view, one can infiltrate, open and  
generate contexts that belong to the social and ethical.]

24 Hours->1 Meter 2009
Courtesy: Karl Philips

24 Hours=>1 Meter
by Karl Philips

Plooien in de marge. Pragmatisme in een gestructureerde maatschappij (onderzoeksartikel)


tuningpeople - WORM - Foto (c) Sven van Baarle.jpg
Tuning People – WORM
Copyright: Sven Van Baarle.

Tuning People

Worm is an electronic concert, a moving instrument, an aimless means of transportation for sound and bricolage, a sound factory, a loud microcosm, a poème electronique, a silent tunnel, an out-of-hand hobby shed, a musical association storm.

TUNING PEOPLE is a collective that specializes in sound theatre and combines different disciplines.

concept: Wannes Deneer / production: Wannes Deneer, Jochem Baelus /
coaching and direction: Jef Van gestel / Coaching: Peter Vandemeulebroecke /
Scneography: Kristof Morel

A project of 2fabrieken in collaboration with Villanella and kc nOna.

Kristof Vrancken documented the first act: