a performative event to collectively embody issues of security, privacy, safety and surveillance
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" We call for a technopolitical urgency, for souvereignity, a desire for affinities between the body and machine. "

Together we familiarize ourselves with ciphering and deciphering messages by careful somatic tactics, dance scores and electronic devices.


  • communicating what cryptography is
  • emanicaption to develop trust
  • open form of discussion
  • support each other, solidarity


  • introduction to digital human rights
  • technical familiarizartion as a poltical stance
  • using secure technology and developing careful practices


  • Attent!on som(t)a(c)tics; Warm up: trust yourself:
  • Praxis: Constitute collective identity
  • Expose information, mechanics (algoritm improvisation), embody
  • Open discussion
  • Intractions of media/audiovisual/ sensory experiments