a performative event to collectively embody issues of security, privacy, safety and surveillance
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bolwerK a transuniversal constellation hosted by Marthe Van Dessel who is a performer, hacker, feminist sys admin, multidisciplinary artivist. who creates interfaces, devices & protocols to instigate our urban and institutional hardware. She engages in the administrative, cultural, political dimension of personal and collective identities. By triggering intersubjective alliances she confronts the 'self & other' to the commons, co-authorship and the redistribution into the public domain.

Goldjian is a transdisciplinary researcher, dancer and multimedia artist, involved in the Femhack collective, the organisation of THF2016, and the international project Hacking with Care. As a techno-feminist, she also facilitates participatory process and mutual learning and likes to make visible, readable and malleable the processes of co-construction of knowledge. She introduces relational practices (toward humans and technologies) in digital arts and hacker culture, and creates intimate spaces toward collective emancipation. She is the founder of L'ERSE :

Karine Rathle is a dancer, choreographer, dance scientist and technofriendly collaborator of Lerse and Attent!on som(t)a(c)tics.

Ellen Foster is a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Studies (STS) in Graz, Austria. Currently working on her doctorate, she is also an artist and educator. She studies public engagements of technology particularly within hacker cultures, and in connection to feminist epistemologies.

Margaret Westby, is a technofeminist dancer, multimedia artist, and researcher, interested in the relation between movement, technology, and gender. Her PhD thesis, Empowering the Female Machine: Remapping Gender Dynamics in Technologically Augmented Dance Performance, makes a mess of dance through feminist Science and Technology Studies (STS). Her artistic practice explores the moving body's relationship to digital technologies and the performativity of all entities in play.

in conversation with :

Nikos Chandolias. is a tech designer, dancer, passionate with interactive multimodal applications and responsive spaces that begin from the person and expand and interpolate with the environment. He collaborated with goldjian and margaret in her phd work piece.

Stephanie Castonguay is a sound artist, works with radio & wearables.

Christina Dunbar-Hester researches technology, activism, and culture. She currently hails from southern California. communication/christina-dunbar-hester