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SESSION # 18/05 Dus Niet Brommen, Ruelles

A scooter expedition by the most idyllic places in and
around Berchem. The humming sounds of the scooters are processed and
transmitted into soundscapes, waves and a LIVE radio play. Listen on FM
by hopping on the back seat of a scooter. Stroll around in Made In
Berchem an be surprised by the muzak of the main Statiestraat &
Driekoningenstraat + Online:

Meeting point: 13:00 am; Extra City Eikelstraat 29

Thanks to Noordkaap + Volle band, STEIM residency programma, U.E. festival & Gemeente Dordrecht.

creative commons image:

Sjoerd Leijten + Olle Band
Sunday, 18 May, 2014 - 13:00 to 18:00
Extracity + berchem
Eiklestraat 29
2600 Berchem