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A mysterious intention

The Liminal Consortium comes together out of a need to take action in
Antwerp. It aims to exchange protocols by setting up dynamic project
activities where visual arts, performance, technique and body

Concretely, the Liminal Consortium gathers to understand and
experiment together with existing (game) rules, compositions, axioms,
laws, recipes, code, instructions, etc. There is an active exchange
through the sharing of individual knowledge, experience and

BolwerK sees (game) rules, compositions, axioms, laws, recipes,
code, instructions, etc. as part of the public domain and finds it
legitimate to appropriate them.

The existing rules are contextualised by
the search of points of contamination with other social domains such as
politics, economy, religion, media and culture (dance, music, film,
etc.). As an introduction beforehand, a closing or during an activity: a
talk, a film screening, a concert, an exhibition or other forms of

Getting together involves participatory dynamics. Everyone
takes part whether you’re a spectator, host/ess, participant or
contributor. Developing a set of instruments is intrinsically connected
to the outcome and the eventual action.