ongoing projects about intersectionality, networks and noding, frames of organisation, ...

The Ever Mass Land 

a node of intersections between people&things&nature in physical and virtual spaces creating the opportunity to re-evaluate and externalize individual and collective interests

The Ever Mass Land is a 6 months residential working space for bolwerK offered by nadine, located in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels, linking and redirecting ongoing projects about intersectionality, networks and noding, frames of organisation, ...

Sited in a three-floor masterhouse with garden, it comprises of 1 individual studio/residence room for reunions, a couch surfing guest room, a treehouse under construction plus additional communal spaces. Based around a dynamic live/work setting, it offers the time and space to meet.

bolwerK considers the house as her resource framework to produce an exhibition on networks in the beginning of 2010, in Hasselt, in Z33, an old beginage which is nowadays an art center.

The project revolves around 5 main axes:

La Réünion
residency project which unraffles the politics of of networking in a historical context of working movements

introduces direct action outdoor skills and radical research tools in the urban realm

Coach potatoes
untangles hospitality exchange networks on a couch while eating potatoes

Framing The Image
Small interventions and mental moves towards printed matter

Semi-local work espace & studio

From July 2008 til December 2008, the space was conceptualized as HOTELbich during a 6 month project by David Helbich.

19 20 21 july
National Day

This weekend bolwerK's 6-month work residency discloses The Ever Mass Land in Rue Gallait 80, Schaarbeek (nadine). The imagined land mass challenges in this moment of (dis)closing, for the last time, the borders of networks, its ways of crossing, meeting and getting organized.

Sunday 21 june

Meeting point:
botanical garden Mechelen - 15:00 - PICNIC

Johanna Kirsch - performance at Stadvisoenen in Mechelen.

Sorry, I forgot to pay my dues because I am in an urgent meeting with my needs" (an enacted branching-off manual)

Saturday 20 June

Samedies #23: Starhawk & feminist plays

14h - 17h: Workshop with Anouk Adel on collective practises by Starhawk reservation required 17h-19h: Presentations by An Mertens (Français: Quand Donna, Linus et Octavia se retrouvent), Femke Snelting... 19-21h: Auberge espagnole - bring food & drinks & enjoy - open for everyone

organised by constantvzw & Les Samedies

Thursday 28 may
(vernissage & bike ride)
Liv Bugge - solo exhibition at We-Project in Brussels.

Sunday 24 may
(performance & walk)
Saskia Holmkvist - presentation - performance

org KOMPLOT / zennestraat

1 may
Labour Day
14:00 - 22:00

On 1 May, Labour Day, The Ever Mass Land organizes a happening around a possible 8-hour workday of the artist.

Coffee, adminstration, artist book, performance, music, expo
walk, vernissage, dinner, music, ...

29 march
International Tree Climbing Day

Playground 0:1:1,2
Architectural Intervention To Open Urban Space

at 80 Rue Gallait, 1030 Schaerbeek


21 mars

experminental biodynamic light enhancing walk

meeting point: Josaphat parc - Minnebron

Prep 501 for PV -A Biodynamic Viticultural approach for the Enhancement of the Energy of Light

Sunday 1 Maart
Baba Marta


at 80 Rue Gallait, 1030 Schaerbeek

Baba Marta, the first day of March is a traditional holiday associated with sending off winter and welcoming spring and yes we welcome you on a round table work session around a tree hut/cabin in the inner garden of The Ever Mass Land.

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1 fevrier
New year

Happening - Nieuwjaarsreceptie

Rue Gallaitstraat 80, 1030 Brussels (Schaarbeek), Belgium


Katja Gretzinger, Fc Poppesnor Christina Stadlbauer, Isabelle Pauwelyn, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Thomas Laureyssens, Yi Yiang...