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The Ever Mass Land 

19 20 21 july
National Day

This weekend bolwerK's 6-month work residency discloses The Ever Mass Land in Rue Gallait 80, Schaarbeek (nadine). The imagined land mass challenges in this moment of (dis)closing, for the last time, the borders of networks, its ways of crossing, meeting and getting organized.

The Ever Waste Land
Temporay Autonomous Zone

From 15:00, Sunday 19 July we will be occupying The Ever Waste Land officially with noise performances, improvisation, monsters, manifestos and moss action. Around 18:30 we will explore how the zone is embedded in the neigbourhood and eat locally.

16:00 Moss Acoustic Mirror - David De Buyser
16:30 The ever mess land - SOUMONCES!
17:20 The ever mess land - Sébastien Rien & Antoine Boute
18:00 Monster Ballet - Elke Auer & Esther Straganz
18:30 FM - Sjoerd Leijten
19:00 Manger

Isabelle Pauwelyn - Stefan Serneels - Christina Stadlbauer - Bartaku - Bernard Leroy


Monday 20 July MotelBich invites at 21h (exact) to meet in the geometrical centre of the Vossenplein (Place du Jeu de Balle ), each with our flags and banners of existing or fictional micro-nations. No more, no less.

some examples, print it, bring it! :

The Ever Land Mass

On Tuesday 21 July, National Day, you are welcome from 14:00 in and around The Ever Mass Land. How does a country originate, can it dissapear in the mass and have you ever been there? A celebration of Art, with a jam session, performance, music, archive, stories,... All of this in the presence of predecessor David Helbich and successor Komplot.

Jam Jam Session / The mulberries
& everyone bring your instrument!
16:00 Speech
16:16 David Helbich
16:30 Paul Hendrikse
16:50 Alain Verschueren
17:15 Partklog
18:00 Maria Karagianni & friends

cocktails by Komplot
fries and food by ?? (bring your frietpot)

traces, installations, videos,
Nina riot grrrl - Christina Stadlbauer - Stefano Cagol - Sara Manente - Eva Egermann - Logement - Bartaku - Boutique Vizique - David Maroto -Rinus Van de Velde - Lise Duclaux - Wendy Van Wynsberghe - Reseau Citoyen (cfr intra La Réünion)


Katja Gretzinger, Fc Poppesnor Christina Stadlbauer, Isabelle Pauwelyn, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Thomas Laureyssens, Yi Yiang...