a field station for reusing abandoned polyester sailboats, like TECHOTSUKUMOGAMI. activated by collective warfs, install party's, artistic presentations and explorations.

[ ` ] North Sea, Les Æthers

time: 26 june / 3pm

space: TECHOTSUKUMOGAMI >> Brussels Royal Yacht Club [50.88471/4.37990]

sound performative event

At Van Praet bridge, walk parallel to the harbour, passing a gaz station, turn right, zigzag, continue on the the private road, turn right again and walk till the Club House we will open the gate. Vilvoordsesteenweg 1 1200 BXL.

The Æthers

Electromagnetic sounds, queer alphabets and extraterrestrial conversations.

The Æthers (Dvora Levy & Claire Williams) uses the boat as a lung which exhales sounds and voices of mediums transcommunicating with invisible worlds and entities. The Æthers has stumbled on different traces of these past experiments and recreates a temporary space for theses these practises to be experienced collectively once more.

The Æthers (Claire Williams and Dvora Levy) is a space for the preservation and reactivation of 'techniques of the invisible' found in the archives of the experimental and occult sciences of the 19th and 20th centuries.

with support of <(Constant.vzw), Association for Art and Médias and “Secteur Arts Numériques, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles”

North Sea

Ongoing investigation in soundscapes and noise pollution in the North Sea. interviews, stories of the sea, and sound scientific archives

Velma spell as interviewed several scientists from marine institutions such as Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee - VLIZ, LifeWatch, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - RBINS, and Joint Monitoring Programme for Ambient Noise North Sea - JOMOPANS, who are monitoring sound at the North Sea. They are researching the production and detection of sound by marine animals and fish, and the influences of anthropogenic sounds on these living organisms.

Under this persona , Liew Niyomkarn and Inne Eysermans process interviews, stories of the sea, and sound archives that have been provided by scientists into a playfull performance and audio essay. Possible narratives arise from the spatial composition in which the two workers animate the given space.

audio streaming on https://www.ooooo.be/ruelles

audio setup thanks to Radio Centraal

[ ` ] video registration by zerolexe

[ ` ] a small low tech show with KMKZ&MOLO

time: 19 Dec / 2pm-4pm

space: TECHOTSUKUMOGAMI >> Brussels Royal Yacht Club [50.88471/4.37990]

At Van Praet bridge, walk parallel to the harbour, passing a gaz station, turn right, zigzag, continue on the the private road, turn right again and walk till the Club House we will come and open the gate. Vilvoordsesteenweg 1 1200 BXL.


For a long time, they have been carried by the wind through their adventures, between travel and collective and autonomous experiences, constantly seeking to spark life to abandoned buildings and objects. KMKZ and MOLO,2 queen of the recovery and the bidouille embark with their itinerant sewing workshop on the boat to animate fabrics sewn by the wind. In search of the spirit of transformation (Yokai) and the soul of waste (Tsukumogami) through sound, textures, and reflections. An immersive journey through the wind, a small low tech show

[ ` ] sound visit with Caroline Profanter

time: 24 Oct / 3pm-5pm

space: TECHOTSUKUMOGAMI >> Brussels Royal Yacht Club


Wind is an integral element, a companion in many of field recordings and trips of Caroline Profanter. Like an echo, a response of the environment, an interaction with the landscape and all the elements, a friction, a granular accumulation of particles, a noisy saturation, a whistle, a ghost like chant. Wind finds its way, like water. During a one week residency she will create an acousmatic chamber to contemplate, listen back to the wind and the voices & tones within. - (performance starts 3, 4 pm) -


[ ` ] Visit to Library of winds

time: 18 Sep / 11 am

space: Yo'kaai >> Canal BRUSSELS [Vilvoorde Kruitfabriek]

Studio visit Haseeb Ahmed: presentation Werktank production

_The Library of the Winds_ is an immersive kinetic installation by artist Haseeb Ahmed commissioned by Werktank. For the last 10 years Ahmed has worked with the wind as a fluid medium. Produced over nearly two years, _The Library of the Winds_ paradoxically contains no wind. It is comprised of elements that evoke the wind and its various cultural significations cultivated throughout history. As in theater and opera, aeoliphones create sound of wind that often brings a chaos or dramatic change. They are triggered by an air-powered lottery machine that introduces wind's association with fortune. These and more associations are brought together in the vortex the artwork created by its floor, ceiling, and the elements they support's rotation.

[ ` ] Search&Relay - Release K7 of LIVE STREAM Remote sessie

space: Port -- Brussels Royal Yacht Club

TECHOTSUKUMOGAMI is an Admiral 31. The upper deck was designed by Belgian boat designer Beekman, and produced in a Wemmels Polyster company owned by the grandfather of Le Chien Vert, a successful fabric store on the canal in Brussels.

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