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2 May – 17 July 2015

, AIR antwerpen,S14

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Dæmons & Shell Scripts

2 May – 17 July 2015

MUHKA, AIR antwerpen,S14

Initialize 'constellation': Nav Haq, MUHKA, Alan Quireyns, Air Antwerpen, Shelbatra Jashari, BRULESK, Marthe Van Dessel, bolwerK

--------------------- Ongoing

Hello Shelly Dissidency

A platform for political and contemporary reflections on being 'different'. Dissident structures are examined within virtual and architectural spaces. The question is whether the extensions of those spaces are relating to the body? Do they serve as mirrors or can they be turned into virtual reflective and poetic expressions? Do they break the mirror with concrete physical performative actions and exhibitions? Dissindency is a collaboration between Shelbatra Jashari, Adisak Jirasakassem, Ana Dragic in a pole-boxing platform designed by Samyra Moumouh.


A laboratorium to explore and meet in practice our holographic, electromagnetic, physical and virtual presences. Air Antwerpen, S14 and M HKA are connected via video streaming: Access to context, tools and rescources supported by DELTA?TOPCO, heimat, Holocube, KD5, Lokaal 01, void_pointr, Wirelless Antwerpen, 3dee


before & while


3-10 May: RRC Rehearsal: Chantal Yzermans + MADMoizel
12h00 -17h00
Thursday 7 May Planète Concrète Open audio-virtual improvisation
Friday 8th May: Borger with Connecting infrastructure :
from 19h00 Sophie Anson, Johanna Kirsch, Samyra Moumouh, Isabel Tesfazghi
Sunday 10 May aROOM*, Live SkyBox cockpit - OUT OF CONTROL ROOM
11h00 - 17:00
Saturday 16 May Atelier: Phantom chips meet Future Primitive
from 11h00
19 - 22 May Contributing to "Zen and the art of making tech work for you"
Including gender into privacy & security

Thursday 28 May Sh(ad)ows with Hello Shelly
A burlesque ritual with acts, readings, music and voice.
Sunday 28 june Make Human Bug report + The Particular Unity of Same and Other + Microorganisnism for Macropleasure
+ need more space than time with Femke Snelting, Xavier Gorgol, Adva Zakai, Paul Hendrikse, Paula Pin, Agnieszka Golaszewska
Thursday 2 July Domestic Science Club
Postpasteurian atelier for bacteries and living organisms
16h00 - 21h00

Saturday 11 July Burlesque characters in a Strangelove Happy Crappy Parade
14h00 workshop

3-11 May

RRC Rehearsal

Syncing neurological rehearsals with rhythm and crescendo to disappear. From an alpha state of consciousness the legal limits of the intellectual property in sound, body and choreography are bypassed
present> Chantal Yzermans + MADMoizel
- remote - Joelle Adrien + Sam NeuroHack

Thursday 7 May

Planète Concrète Open audio-virtual improvisation

Planète Concrète embraces experimentation and embodies failure; the (anti)glam of a music stage.
Planète Concrète is an open, interdisciplinary, queer collective, using music, performance and visual elements.
Planète Concrète invites you for an open audio-virtual improvisation.

16h00: set up instruments, tools, chips and voice tricks
18h00: LIVE STREAMING on RadioRuelles: http://www.ooooo.be/ruelles + Webgang Radio centraal

- present - Vinkenhart, Number 78, Cosmic Shiva, PouBelle, ...
- remote - testing


Sunday 10 may

aROOM, Live SkyBox cockpit - OUT OF CONTROL ROOM

Broadcasting Streams of consciousness Gigs, poetry and soup
11h00 - 15h00: Demo, showcases, try outs, setup & food >> Bring your devices, techexperiments, datananalyses and latest developments
15h00 - 16h30 live radio show on http://www.radiocentraal.be | Radiocentraal 106.7 FM]

- present -
sKybox is a workspace and a multipurpose room open to creative achievements that experiment, invent, create and show support of various projects. http://skyboxisthelimit.blogspot.be/

Human Organ Concert Just breathe, without intention of playing the instrument. Jo Caimo will bring two devices to convert the unconscious breathing into abstract music: http://aroom.bandcamp.com/album/humanrespirationmusic & http://www.overtoon.org/index.php/research/jo-caimo/

Axoloti is a platform that blends sketching of digital audio algorithms with the musical playability of standalone hardware. Johannes Taelman show a democase and together we install the latest release.


WALKER is an experiential mode stalking as a possibility for playful exploration within the group. Walker is made of several objects that can be used in a participative manner for playful discovery of gestural processes, stalking and creating words. Just like aliens have left-over objects on a roadside picnic we do not know exactly what walker produces when people use it. All that we know. It is a bunch of nodes that transmit data, connected through wireless network; exchanging rhythms / language / then process words and sound from those exchanges between different persons. http://www.walker.domainepublic.net

Reciprocal Action; You guess you know what they are" Objects have structural meaning, and objects reflect human being, in terms of its purpose or intention or action or operation with it. At the same time human beings also reflect the object. Saori Kuno explores these mutual relationships. http://www.saorikuno.com/

ROGGBIV Is a performative appetizer, group matching mixing with eatable colors. Limited choices, unlimited tasting.

Contributions by Tina Cake line, Katerina Undo, Pepa Ivanova, Sjoerd leijten, Pieter Heremans, Natascha Roussel, Jo Caimo, Johannes Taelman, Jo Caimo, Saori Kuno, Erin Helsen, Oona Prinsen,...

remote testing

16 May

Phantom Chips meet Future primitive

Tara Pattenden works with her Phantom Chips project on "wearable" electronics in combination with noise and chaos. On 16th of May she shows how electronic circuits and noisemakers are build and integrated in costumes. Isabel Tezfazghi introduces her soft sculptures made by weaving and knitting techniques. In psychedelic colors, patterns and repetition they process their own language, and together the ritual. A thread, yarn and knitted tubes mixed with noise and electronics delude our senses.
11h00 atelier
16h00 concertual performance
- present - Tara Pattenden, Isabel Tesfazghi + e-textiles Wendy van Wynsberghe, Claire Williams,
+ e-textiles:


< >

19 - 23 May "Zen and the art of making tech work for you" Including gender into privacy & security
Preparing a contribution for [including gender manuals] intitated by the Tacticaltech institute (Berlin). Read, write, exectue
< >


28th of May


A burlesque ritual with acts, readings, music and voice.
21h00 - 00h00

- present - Hello Shelly, Hou Chien Cheng, Ash Bowland, MADmoizel, Artan Balaj, Planète Concrète, V+S, Hagar Tenenbaum & Danny Neyman, Nathalie Lenoir, Tina Cake Line
- remote - Enad Marouf

Saturday 20 June

Solar Data:

interactive talks and experiments on Solar dynamics, living organisms and scientific data interpretation with Dr. Petra Vanlommel scientist @STCE, Pepa Ivanova and Špela Petric 14h00-17h00

28 June

Make Human Bug report

Adva Zakai, Xavier Gorgol, Femke Snelting
MakeHuman is a popular open source 3D computer graphics middleware for the modelling of 3-Dimensional humanoid characters. The software is developed by a community of programmers, modellers and academics. A signature feature of the MakeHuman interface is a set of horizontal sliders, suggesting that by interpolating settings for gender, race, weight and age, any 'human' representation can be 'made'. While the neat arrangements of parameters for operating on uncomparable and interconnected properties is already troubling in itself, further inspection reveals an extremely limited topology, rendering the promise of infinite possibillities a mere illusion... Despite the suggestion that 'the digital' dis-burdens bodies from normative representational parameters, software like MakeHuman actually operates on problematic categorical divisions that are all-too familiar.
Three people coming from different backgrounds - Femke from media-design, Xavier rom animation-art and Adva from dance and choreography -, inquire through this software the relationship between gender, body and technology . They present a ‘report on the report’, and test out, discuss a performative lecture in the making not only conveying words, but actions and images as well.

Paul Hendrikse
The Particular Unity of Same and Other

´The Particular Unity of Same and Other´ is a performance developed in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Paul Hendrikse researched how encounters with ”others” by trade, war and during periods of colonization gave specific input upon the Indonesian culture and, more specifically, on the body. He studied how dance and martial arts use these foreign influences. By mimicking and adopting animal behavior and movements of ´strangers´ the Indonesians annexed these movements and turned them into defending strategies, creating a creole body-culture.

Performers: Nita Liem and Rendra Bagus Pamungkas.
Audio: Yennu Ariendra.

This work was generously supported by Stroom, Den Haag, Mondrian Fund and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Brussels.

Microorganisnism for Macropleasure

Paula Pin arrives after a Prototype Making Residence in Fablab Plateforme C [www.plateforme-c.org] in Nantes and introduces a 3d printed speculum for vaginal training & pleasure. This new biohacking tool is an extension of the GynePunk project, which unveils taboos with DIY biolab techniques, DIT science & medical hacks reverse engineering. Expect grassroots sexual politics empowerment by electroestimulating the anatomy of pleasure while showing the lasted developments and playfull pechblenda prototypes. HArdGlam ( hardware and glamour )

Agnieszka Golaszewska
video: need more space than time

2 July

Recipes for Disaster

Postpasteurian atelier for bacteries and living organisms

The project 'Recipes for Disaster' cooks up some crucial questions about classification and control: How do we cope with chaos in our daily lives? How to free ourselves from the quarantine of our own bathroom? How to argue for a messy and less sterile life in times of Ebola? On Thursday 2 July from 16:00, Gosie Vervloesem opens a postpasteurian atelier, a workshop for bacteria and other microrganisms.

11 July

Strangelove Happy Crappy Parade Party

17h00 BBQ + Party (AIR Antwerpen)
14h00 brulesque character design workshop with Shelbatra Jashari (M HKA)

--------------------- B I O
bolwerK is a non-exclusive and temporal constellation that has been initiating, mediating, facilitating, curating and appropriating local and international projects since 1998. Its 'open' network is the basis for collaboration on relevant issues. Social environments are created, not for streamlining ideas, but in order to formulate shared/common questions and hence feed a sense of communality. 'Open source' is a philosophy not a pragmatic methodology to expand these questions into practice. For the past ten years collaborations have given bolwerK the right to exist as a key organization between arts and culture agents, socio-cultural organizations, alternative initiatives and a growing potential of active thinkers, artists and citizens. http://www.ooooo.be

Axoloti is a platform that blends sketching of digital audio algorithms with the musical playability of standalone hardware. http://axoloti.be/

Artan Balaj has a BA and MA degree in painting at the Faculty of Arts - University of Prishtina in Prishtina/Kosovo. Completed Courses of Photography and Cultural Management. Author, director and coordinator of several projects. Currently working as Crew Coach in Parlamentarium – Visitors Center of the European Parliament in Brussels/Belgium.He was a teaching professor of “Anatomy for artists” at AAB University in Prishtina/Kosovo.

Ash Bowland is a photographer who is gazing in the boundary between fiction and non-fiction, the boundary between the staging and reality. http://www.ashbowland.com/

http://jocaimo.blogspot.com/ Jo Caimo is a visual artist, musician, radio maker, and inventor of superfluous objects and instruments. His work situates itself in the margin between performance, music, installation and the digital world. In many works he tries to define a border of a medium (or object) or a border of our senses. This can go from a website with the recordings of the sound of every position of a metronome towards the ‘unstable’ live performance of swallowing a bluetooth-microphone , or by putting the sun live on the internet.

Tina Cake Line is a collaboration between Céline Talens and Katinka de Jonge. Due to a background in both theater and the visual arts, they have/share a broad interest in performance. There is no fear for confrontation, and many works tend to create a 'real' situation and state the absurd within that. This apparent contradiction is used to it's limits. The work situates itselve always in relation to a specific place, and asks questions regarding the architecture (design) and how the space is used on a daily basis. This often results in physical performance, but can also be video/audio work or text. blog/container

Hou Chien Cheng's work focuses on autobiography personal mythologies and micro-historical investigation.; on both visual practice and theoretical research. All projects focus on the examination of people, namely, the translation of their concerns into performative sculptures, texts or installations. Self-representation is extremely important to him to investigate and clarify fundamental concepts by which the individual and the world can be understood. http://www.houchiencheng.com
DELTA?TOPCO is a project of vaporwave, futurefunk musical centipede JJM Desmet whose recent album 'History Magic XYZ released on Business Casual Records. An unstoppable massive statue with sunglasses who likes to smoke a fun cigarette, sample anime and change the tempo of 80s pop hits https://soundcloud.com/delta_topco

Jurgen Desmet is an audio-visual artist that creates a vast auditorial universe of mainly sample-based sound and vision. Throughout his work he's hailing imagery with influences of stoic, classical iconography, intercontinental graphics, symbolism and typography ; excecuted with post-modern technics, abandonded technology and new media. The result is a projective, fabricated universe of altered egos, technological glitch, advertising parody ; translated in 3D, sculpture, sound, paper, videoloops, ... A constant investigative research in historical and cultural parallels that form a leading thread throughout existence.

Domestic Science Club Gosie Vervloessem experiments with the laws of physics for domestic use. Her work focuses on observing natural phenomena and asking questions about it. “Everything seems so logic, but what is the logic behind it?” The first stage of the attempt to understand the underlying laws is the re-creating of the phenomena as a miniature/a scale model. But how real can a scale model be and what is its status? https://domesticscienceclub.wordpress.com

Ana Dragic is an independent art manager and curator. After returning from United States, as Fellow of the Open Society Foundation Undergraduate Exchange program, she switches her professional focus from Journalism to Cultural Management, initiating successful collaborations with young Kosovar artists. Since 2011. she coordinated several intercultural artistic collaborations and become specialised in organizing inter/multi/trans-disciplinary art events. Her main fields of interest are: Contemporary Dance, Multimedia Arts and Participatory Art. Dragic is currently a co-curator of Mikser Festival in her hometown Belgrade.
GIRLS LIKE US is an independent magazine turning the spotlight on an international expanding community of women from all genders within arts, culture and activism. Through personal stories, essays and vanguard visuals GIRLS LIKE US unfolds feminist legacies in arts and writing. Mixing politics with pleasure, the magazine is mapping new routes towards a feminist, post-gender future.
HEIMAT is a multidisciplinary design studio, founded by architect Pieter Boons in 2007. It specializes in developing exhibition concepts, both substantive and scenographic. http://www.heimat.be
Hello Shelly is a burlesque character, an iconic view on femininity and sexuality. It is the result of researching presentations on burlesque culture and world class pop queen character known as Hello Kitty. http://shelbatrajashari.me/performances.html https:/www.helloshelly.com
Paul Hendrikse is a visual artist who explores the interface between historiography and fiction. His projects are mostly centered on historic persons who have left a mark in the public realm. Leaving aside the master narratives of history and their polished protagonists, he turns towards the micro stories of individuals and towards the uncertainties, myths, speculations and distorting representations surrounding them.
Pieter Heremans is an excavator of digital artefacts and skipper wannabe. He facilitated the hackerspace Brussels in void*ptr (voidpointer, a space for untyped, Currently he is involved in t Experimental Media Research group at St-Lukas Antwerp.

Pepa Ivanova employs perceptual phenomena such as afterimages, depth perception, spatial mapping and light contrast, in contexts, which provoke an initial disillusionment, she deconstructs the phenomenon of perception, bringing awareness to the discrepancies between our unprocessed sensory input and the mind facilitated construction of our environment. www.pepaivanova.be
Shelbatra Jashari is a conceptual multimedia artist, actress and performer who works cross-medially in film, movement, sound, space and text. Her work researches the sculptural elements of the human body, the human condition and it's representation in various political and thinking systems. http://www.shelbatrajashari.com

Adisak Jirasakkasem is a fashion designer from Bangkok, Thailand, currently exploring the territory where fashion and character designing collide. http://happybeaming.tumblr.com/

Karin Orisa is a performance group in which Erin Helsen (BE), Katinka de Jonge (NL), Isabel Tesfazghi (DE) are using their voices as an instrument. Uttering their inner sounds they find organically and playfull an universal language, depending on the vibes of the surroundings and the audience, we flow with, tune in.

Margareth Kaserer is an artist, writer and neo-farmer with an affinity for gardens, performance art, experimental set-ups and queer culture. She is a founder of Hotel Amazonas, an artist residency and festival in the mountains of North Italy, and of Planète Concrète. http://cargocollective.com/margarethkaserer

Saori Kuno works on the transduction of materials and situations by using simple strategies of the system and formats for everyday practices, aesthetics and values. Her series of objects and installations are composed by simple materials, industrially produced parts and products which are submitted to reproducible processes with integrative meanings to reflect upon. Her works have been exhibited at Basis (Frankfurt), Marres (Maastricht); M HKA (Antwerp), Royal Academy of Fine Art (Antwerp), Herman Teirlinckhuis (Beersel) and Extra City (Antwerp).

KD85 is a distributor of open hardware solutions with a focus on innovators and early adopters. http://kd85.com/

Lokaal 01 is space for contemporary arts, experiment, research and dialogue https:/www.lokaal01.nl

MADmoizel is a french Expressionist-Synth artist! She plays 80's feel beats on electronic stations, synthesizer and sings like a Punk-Diva. Influences: D. Bowie, L. Anderson, K. Bush, N. Hagen, New order... She provides a powerful live act and performs all over Europe (Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Brussels...). 2 EPs recorded in Germany: "Dame de France" (06/2010), "Lady Dandy" (06/ 2012). http://madmoizel.tumblr.com/

Enad Marouf is a performance artist based in Frankfurt. After studying international law in Damascus university, Syria, he moved to Germany to study choreography and performance He worked for the Forsythe company as an artistic assistant for the piece “yes, we can't”. He is as well a member of New Forms of Life, They have made installations and performances.He uses mediums of performance and installation as means of creating another visual and linguistic experience to rethink current economical structures, politics and technologies that governs our contemporary life.

Donna Metzlar (Cape Town, 1969) wanted to become a farmer when she was little, but ended up doing a Social Science degree (English and Sociology) at UCT in the 80s and later a nursing degree in Rotterdam. Finally she taught herself some ICT stuff and has worked in the sector for over 12 years. She's co-founder of the Eclectic Tech Carnival and Girl Geek Dinner Amsterdam, and core member of the Genderchangers.

Samyra Moumouh is DEVISING A [temporal] ~ [spatial] SCHEME WITHIN VARIABLE MAGNITUDES |. http://samyramoumouh.eu/work.htm"

Danny Neyman

Tara Pattenden works in the field of analog electronics, noise performance and soft circuitry. She has been making noise and mess for over 15 years performing with kunt, monster zoku onsomb and as schmelfhelp.

Paula pin is a transhackfeminist performer/ researcher. Her work ranges from drawing to abstract video to circuit bending to investigations at the frontiers of biology, art and queer science. Pechblenda is the transhackfeminist hardlab where they continue generating knowledge and technological autonomy. Across disciplines they wish to enter fully into the matter of a multiple body, be it organic, artificial or fusion of both. Biosophy Biopunk that fractalize into numerous and prolific research lines and biopolitical practices. The experimental laboratory of bio-electro-chemical Petchblenda is the common place to hold our rituals and our practical knowledge derive alchemically with the desire to create new hybrid organisms, moments of affinity and quantum dissonance. Techno-witches rituals, akelarres cyborg and acid noise with Transnoise and Quimera Rosa, Klau and Julito, Beka y Manolo, Oskoff y Carlos.

Phantom Chips performs with an array of home made electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers. Concocting rhythms from manipulated found and recorded sounds Phantom Chips invites the audience to wear and play her costumes and join in with the audio. The costumes create sound through movement and allow audience members to experiment with a brand-new form of musical expression. The deliberately clumsy and awkward interfaces invite playfulness and improvisation.

Natacha Roussel When I offer a number of connected and measuring props I engage the public in interventions searching for collective signs and exchanges. I propose physical and narrative interfaces go from body extension, communicant textile to distributed networks. Living since 2011 in Bruxelles I am involved in several collective projects, in particular free libre and open source communities http://rixc.org/fields/en/exhibition/4/Natacha_Roussel/

Planète Concrète is an open, interdisciplinary, queer collective, using music, performance and visual elements.

sKybox is a workspace and a multipurpose room open to creative achievements that experiment, invent, create and show support of various projects.

Erin Helsen is a artist-artist active in MAGMA, a continuous growing group off individual artists, scanning and reflecting a in-between interlude, touching edgy comfortzones, together with sKybox collaberating and transforming selforganising structures in one production house.

Oona Prinsen is searching for new infrastructural educational methods, making conscious and autonomous students by making a greener environment. Color coding and experiment are the basics for cooking and a lost love called painting.
Strangelove is a first and foremost a film festival, but also offer a tasty platter of music, performance and visual art where ‘Strange’, ‘cult’, ‘weird’ and ‘gender’ are the terms used to define a story.

Isabel Tesfazghi makes soft sculptures with textile craftmanship. Using old knitting weaving techniques, she creates a new planet in her own cosmos: rituals, sounds, imagery, motions, language and ancient knowledge for new times: Future Primitive.

Katerina Undo is an audiovisual artist mostly concerned in creating intermedia works with a particular interest in exploring the acoustics frontiers. Her work is introducing a conceptual turn toward additional ways of sound transmission-perception.

Marthe Van Dessel is an activist and performer who creates interfaces, devices & protocols to instigate our urban and institutional hardware. She engages in the administrative, cultural, political dimension of personal and collective identities. By triggering intersubjective alliances she confronts the 'self & other' to the commons, co-authorship and the redistribution into the public domain.

Wendy Van Wynsberghe artist, tinkerer, member of Floss arts lab Constant vzw, sound & field recorder, fauna adept, part of the lively and chaotic Brussels realm, fascinated by protocol in all shapes and sizes, avid free software user, pro open licences such as the Free arts license for artwork, frankenscript coder, physical computing aficionado, net neutrality custodian, dabbling in embroidery, crochet & knitting (with or without eTextiles).

Lize Verlooy is a multidisciplinair artist, performer and futureshamanist which creates sculptures, visuals and installations based on mythological and archetypical events mengled with contemporary topics, science ; gentechnology and nukes. Her work is a research in the essence of life, gender and male/female forces resulting in mechanical sculptures and recycled fairytailes to capture the structures of the soul, the fears, the expectations and animalities. During the last 15 years the work was in several european underground festivals and theaters she also became 'number 78' in the galaxies of Planète concrète.

Caroline Vincart is developing a discourse on the photographic wherein several means and limitations articulate its showing process. She uses parameters like ‘distance’ and ‘intimacy’ to create a framework in which her work can exist and come into existence. She explores the boundaries of abstraction and anecdote, yet is most of all fascinated by what lies in between. She is a longtime collaborator to bolwerK projects both as a documentalist and artist. Caroline is also known as Vinkenhart (tenor uku, guitar, synth) in Planète Concrète.

V+S Sophie Anson and Veronik Willems both studied at Sint-Lucas Antwerp, and working together since 2012 under the name of V & S. Their work in different media (paintings, videos, installations ...) is strongly influenced by both (classical) painting as (contemporary) mainstream media, and focuses on themes such as identity and influence. She recently exhibited in to Emergent (Furnes) and Front Room (Lier).

Chantal Yzermans is a dancer and choreographer who lived and worked in New York City from 2000 to 2006. She studied and worked rmet Merce Cunningham and his company in New York. In 2007 she returned to Europe and ever since she travels between Belgium and Spain. She has a fascination with movement as a choreographer in the study of the human body. That body is both subject and object in our society and experience historical, socio-political and cultural developments. Jan Fabre / Troubleyn offers Chantal Yzermans with her ensemble radical low, an artistic residency at since 2007 until today.

http://www.3dee.be/ 3dee Social innovative enterprise specialized in 3d scanning and printing introducing these technologies in educational environment.

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