an open lab to grow crystals with piezoelectric intra-active frequencies
2018, Brussels, San Fransico, Orléans

bolwerK will combine parascientific history, anthropology, and technology to familiarize ourselves to the electromagnetic spectrum and to how radio and farming metaphors intertwine. During this open lab, we will grow crystals, and experiment with their physical, accoustic, electric and electromagnetic properties transmitting and receiving signals from the body to the mind (of others) & intra-acting frequencies. While seeding the crystals, we will think critically about the contemporary cooptation and privatization of the electromagnetic sphere and was is the power of electric charge.




The Manufacturing of Synthetic Quartz Crystals
lab grown quartz :
quartz clock: secret life of machines:

Spirit science:
Crystals and Science; energies, frequencies and vibration

Know healing crystals come from

Gems and crystal growing (general)
crystal industrial fabrication:

Les Brown Physics Of Crystals Full Documentary.
Women in :



diffracting interfaces

system amplification
See Gilbert Simondon °On the mode of existence of technical objects" and "Individuation"

darija mledic:  In the age of magical reproduction:
anna friz:
the dreamling jewel:
ice nine- catt's cradle cystallization as a bio weapon:
ice nine /


Rochelle salt

get pure products
natriumcarbonate need to be sealed, 
it will naturally turn to bicarbonate by reacting with th emositure in the air
Crystal growing: Rochelle salt
How to make seed crystals:
Handbook of chemistry:

first crystal batch:
first crystal batch:
How to Make Sodium Carbonate From Sodium Bicarbonate reaction:
molecular weight calculator:


control - checksum : 
calculation of  natriumbicarbonate into natrium carbonate
500g> 315gr
(using molecular

oscilloscope: 434 storage oscilloscope tectronics:

ultrasonic? 430K HZ - 
measure the frequency of a crystal:
Piezo electricit - extra amplification:
Piezo-disk Preamplifier + opamp /
Pineal gland crystal oscillator

Counter Culture Labs & sudoroom - art and science meeting / tuesday 31 july
- ceramic piezo
- organic grow piezo
- signal generator
- oscilloscope

We tried to drive the piezo crystal with a signal generator at 1kHz, 10V peak to peak - no sound. Switched to the ceramic piezo - heard a clear beep.

We taped the round ceramic piezo to the grown crystal; powered the ceramic piezo from the signal generator, and measured voltage from the grown crystal with the oscilloscope. The ceramic piezo acts as a speaker, vibrating the crystal. The crystal then acts as a microphone turning sound waves back into electricity. We +noticed that the faint 60Hz ripple on the oscilloscope actually flattened when we powered the ceramic piezo at 1kHz, but didn't see any actual 1kHz signal on the oscilloscope. So we increased the frequency on the signal generator, and we started seeing a signal on the oscilloscope - yay! 10kHz seemed to produce the strongest signal out of the crystal.

Next, we detached the grown crystal from the ceramic piezo, and taped it on a small cardboard box as an acoustic resonator. Then we connected the signal generator to the grown crystal directly (10kHz, 10V peak-to-peak), and heard a faint high-pitched beep.

louis and bebe baron - electronic /
Ring modulation  0:51


davide tidoni

pacale barret



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