Instruments for technocosmic propagation

--/\/\/\--ground ~

by bolwerK hosted by ON3MCR
Saturday 14/01, 2017, 3pm - Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach

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CC by-nc-sa quimera rosa + ooooo

On Saturday 14th of january, the exhibition “What would I do in Orbit?” by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven becomes an interface to initialize and activate instruments for technocosmic propagation.

From 3:00 pm we will reprogramme one afternoon our collective biocomputer by channeling our common energy into the electromagnetic spectrum. Our brains are antennas and our bodies conduct electrical signals. We have resistance. A series of self-built and hacked devices will be available which can oscillate, modulate and sonify these singular resistances into tactile and sensorial cyborgian intra-actions.

In an open lab, we will build together 'body noise amp', a post gender sound tool developed by transfeminist collective quimera rosa. No experience in electronics is required, just an affinity with digital re-affection and decolonization of technologies with a queer perspective.

A DIY kit: /bodynoiseamp/ can be assembled and bought for 20 euro