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SESSION - Self-residency

We made a self-residency in Stanleystreet 14, Antwerp. The residency was based on document we found of the futurefarmers website:

Our objectives: watching the movie of H.Partch, research on field recordings, do so music listenings and body explorations.

Our aspirations: Making compositions, improvise, record and do some excursion


After installing the we recorded different sessions. Main lead, the outside sound of the trains, cars, streets, ... urban transit space, mixed with casio piano, some live recordings, a hard disk with a IMPROMANIF folder, some records and a strange self made instrument running in a real-time object programming environment.

From the playlist, we liked:

Let's move on

9th of february, from 2PM,

the day after

18 january ESSAY n°1 shown in Kunsthalle Basel

+ live streamed on and

Bicycle exercises

Bicycle exercises, found in a book of 1977: Pedal_Power_In_Work_Leisure_And_Transportation.

download book

PRINT - to capture


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