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PAN PAN PAN is a durational program to develop and implement a public performative interface for translocal radio telecommunication. While setting up  securely an autonomous infrastructure and hardware (a baecon), we empower ourselves by collective disembodiement, common voicing, and a practice to decolonize our technologies in the electromagnetic spectrum. 

PAN PAN PAN is a code for spreading an urgent message in maritime and aeronautical transport, what follows is not life threatening as in MAYDAY, but is a request for support. *

An illustration of the spectrum:

Technology and Cultural Agency 
Radio from its inception in the early 20 th century owes significant development to the ingenuity among communities of hobby enthusiasts in addition to innovation by professionals with labs and private or institutional funding. A firm belief in public access to airwaves; keeps the radio ethos of openness alive in the current DIY scene. There is a willingness to exchange working methods and equipment expertise through workshops, posting schematics and participating in online discussions, a strong support and development of free and open source hardware and software. 

In process driven performances, events, talks we want to recreate or riffie off of different amateur transmission devices and network infrastructures.

*- older technologies
*(in can telephony, crystal receivers, or spark-gap transmitters  )
* - recent technologies, common or elite
* (micro-FM transmitters, mobile phones, wifi, radar systems, radio-telescopes , satellites )
*- new hybrid networks even imaginary or impossible systems

(communication) A three-letter backronym,  "possible assistance needed" or "pay attention now" . It is used in maritime and aeronautical radio communications for Safety signals / Urgency signals
(audio)   the spread of a monaural signal in a stereo or multi-channel sound field
(data) A personal area network  is a personal computer network used for data transmission amongst devices such as computers, telephones, tablets and personal digital assistants


*live/streaming sessions, 
*radio art/work/books
*open lab
antenna (Wireless antwerp) 
streaming server:


peak - clipping

noding different locations in/around antwerp and remote destinations

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