Postnatale Kunst Planeet


S14 - Room Unit

Spring 2021 S14 will be hosting the "PostNatale KunstPlaneet", a series of artist+kid residencies organized by artist Erin Helsen. During the residencies Helsen explores the apparent incompatibility between being an artist and being a mother.

To do so, she and her 3-year-old daughter visit alternative communities during which she playfully uses the camera and captures moments in which the frayed edges of everyday life merge into art, and vice versa. This edition of the "PostNatale KunstPlaneet" is co-created with the current residents of S14, Liesje De Laet (CHT/Totalism.org), and will be entering dialogues with Anastasiia Podorozhnia and David Potocnik (CHT/Totalism.org).

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